How To Make Espresso In A Pan When Your Coffee Machine Breaks Down

by Matthew Robertson August 12, 2021

How To Make Espresso In A Pan When Your Coffee Machine Breaks Down - Down The Range Coffee

How to Make Espresso in a Pan

Nothing better than a cup of strong coffee or a shot of espresso to start your day. Drinking hot coffee in the morning is something special. It needs to be dark and steamy. 

How do you make coffee if you don't have access to drip coffee machines or espresso machines? Can you cook with just a pan when you're camping? 

However, it looks like you're still in luck. This article will teach you how to make espresso in a pan! There's nothing to it. You only need to have coffee grounds, some water, a heating source, and a pan. 

In addition to the pan method, we have the home made coffee bag method for you to enjoy.

Let’s get pan brewing…

Home pan brewed coffee method

You're in a pinch, your home coffee machine has stopped working, and your best mate has borrowed your AeroPress for the week. How do you get morning caffeine injection?

Don’t worry, if you have a pan, water and source of heat then we got you covered.

Making Coffee in a Pan Step-by-Step

Step 1 The Water Pour 

Add one to two cups of water to your pan. If you want more or less espresso, add more or less. Adding an extra cup of water or two might help if you're planning on serving several people with it.

Step 2 Heat to a boil

Place your pan on a heat source and heat the pan to a boil.

Step 3 Add the coffee

Once you have added the espresso beans, turn the heat off right away so the water stops boiling. Overboiling coffee grounds is not a good idea! Your espresso will taste acidic, which most people dislike. 

Step 4 Brewing 

For best results, let your espresso beans sit in the hot water for four to five minutes. 

Step 5 The Finish 

After the five minutes have passed, pour the espresso into your mug or glass once the ground has settled to the bottom. Enjoy your unfiltered cup of coffee.

Bonus tip: Use a fine mesh strainer or muslin sheet to pour your coffee through if you don't want any coffee grounds ending up in your mug.

Difference between espresso beans and coffee beans

Light roasts usually are best suited to slower extraction methods like filter coffee. Darker roasts go better with quick methods such as espresso.

Best pan size to brew coffee

In a nutshell, a pan is a pan and there is no difference in taste. Using a larger pan will allow you to boil water faster because it has a larger surface area.

Although this does not change the taste of espresso, it will significantly decrease the time it takes for you to prepare it

It is for another reason that we use a relatively large pan or pot. When you pour the coffee into your cup, fewer coffee grinds will remain in your cup due to the impact of a tall pan.

This becomes moot, however, if you have a ladle and filter.

Home made coffee bag method

You've checked the cupboards, the drawers, and the secret stash but they are all bare, you have run out of actual coffee bags but all is not lost.

Items required for home made coffee bag method:

  • Ground coffee
  • Hot Water
  • Coffee filter
  • String (any kind will work, provided it's not waxed!)
  • Mug

How to make DIY coffee bags step by step

Step 1 Coffee pouch

Pour a single serving of coffee grounds into your filter. The ground material will form a little pouch when the filter is closed tightly.

Step 2 Coffee like a tea bag 

Just like a tea bag, tie the end of the string outside the cup so that it hangs.

Step 3 Boiling the water

Make hot water by using any of your available appliances, such as a kettle, a pot, or even a microwave.

Step 4 Slow pour

Put the coffee bag you created into an empty mug and fill the cup with hot water, slowly pouring the water over the coffee bag.

Step 5 Steep the brew

Steep the coffee for about four minutes. In order to make your brew stronger or weaker, you may adjust the time to suit your needs. 

Step 6 Enjoy 

Discard the filter and enjoy your home brewed coffee.

Future proof your coffee supply

We hope you never have to resort to these tactics, unless you enjoy them ;). The best way to ensure you still get a great tasting coffee is having a spare sleeve of coffee bags on standby! Grab your sleeve of bags in our shop today.

Pick up a Coffee Subscription to save up to 13% right here.

Can you use instant coffee?

It is possible to make espresso in a pan with instant coffee. Using espresso grounds, however, will produce a very different taste.

Unlike espresso grounds, instant coffee dissolves completely in water. Despite the convenience of not having to grind, it is not nearly as flavourful as actual espresso coffee beans. 

If you use instant coffee, you may not have as much caffeine in it depending on the brand.

While some brands have a higher caffeine content per milligram, others have low levels. Real coffee is always preferred.

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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