About Down The Range Coffee

A coffee drinking, formerly lean mean military machine, now dad bod, tattooed biker veteran and operational security professional, owned and operated company. 

From experience, I've tasted The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from various coffee blends whilst serving in the military and on private tasks I understand the difficulties people have had making brews in tough locations and without the right equipment. We decided to bring an incomparable coffee to the market with durable equipment that is tough enough to survive any situation. 

Serving in the army has certainly made me appreciate a decent coffee. With this in mind we produced 3 incomparable blends. A coffee within the workplace brings people together, it boosts morale and gives us the opportunity to catch up. There's nothing better than a decent coffee to finish off a family meal and a good cup of coffee can bring a smile to your face if you're out on the ground. 

I've served on operations in the Military and in my subsequent career in the Private Security and Investigations industry and having the right equipment is everything.  The kit must be small, it must be light, and it must be strong enough to survive!  At Down the Range Coffee Co. we specialise in all of the above (coffee and equipment), ensuring you get a delicious, hot coffee no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Down the Range Coffee Co. has now linked up with some well recognised brands to give you the best of the best!