Coffee and nutrition...

by Matthew Robertson February 08, 2021

Coffee and nutrition... - Down The Range Coffee

A good friend of ours who runs Resilient Nutrition swear by coffee ingredients into his nutrition's brands and who are we to argue against his knowledge and experience!

Resilient Nutrition sell a product that specialises in endurance events 'Long Range Fuel and this combines nutrition and coffee which produces the best fuel for these events.

Please see below extracted from Resilient's fact page:

The recommended dose of Energise Long Range Fuel (see the FAQs page) contains an amount of caffeine that has been consistently shown to enhance performance in multiple types of exercise, including endurance, intermittent sprint, strength, and power exercise.

Were that not enough, this dose of caffeine also routinely enhances multiple aspects of cognitive function, including vigilance, attention, reaction time, and mood.

 Energise versions of Long Range Fuel also contain Suntheanine®, a 100% pure form of L-theanine (an amino acid in tea) that has been frequently studied by scientists. L-theanine reliably reduces anxiety and stress, and several studies have shown that caffeine and L-theanine have complementary effects on brain function, increasing mental processing speed and accuracy, and reducing mind wandering.

To summarise, caffeine and L-theanine are a bit like Batman and Robin – they’re better together.


If you are an athlete or just starting out and you need fuel on your journey, head over to:

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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