Healthiest Ways to Sweeten Your Coffee

by Matthew Robertson October 01, 2021

Healthiest Ways to Sweeten Your Coffee - Down The Range Coffee

The healthiest way to coffee is to drink it black. However, some people can’t stand that bitter coffee flavour, so they add heaps of sugar to counter it.

The main problem is, sugar contains empty calories, and excessive consumption may lead to other health issues.

Luckily, there are many different healthier ways we can sweeten coffee.

Top 10 healthy ways to sweeten your coffee


Although honey contains more calories than sugar, it can actually help with weight loss and it is a more nutritious alternative to refined sugar.

It is a natural source of energy and contains vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, iodine, sulfur, phosphate, vitamin A, C, and B vitamins.

Additionally, honey is an antioxidant and acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent and it can help control digestive issues.

Maple Syrup

This is another sugar alternative that is popular with people on a diet. Like honey, it is also a naturally-derived sweetener with numerous health benefits. 

It contains phenolics, an antioxidant found in berries. Plus, 13 other antioxidants, where eight of which are only found in maple syrup.

These antioxidants were reported to have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and antibacterial properties, however, it is best to use pure maple syrup, since artificial syrups do not have the same health benefits.

As with honey, you have to start slowly and add a teaspoon at a time to your coffee.

Coconut Sugar/Cream

Coconut sugar and coconut cream are sugar alternatives most popular with vegans. They can be used in many other food recipes and drink concoctions and they are derived from coconuts, which are full of healthy fats and potassium. 


Most people think that Stevia is artificial because it is marketed as a sugar substitute, but it is actually derived from a natural sweetener plant called Stevia rebaudiana, which is a plant native to Brazil and Paraguay.

This alternative looks exactly like sugar and although it is 300 times sweeter, it has no effect on blood sugar levels. Furthermore, stevia is classified as an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, antimicrobial and anti-diarrheal.

Because stevia is sweeter than sugar, you only need about half a teaspoon to sweeten your coffee, then adjust it to taste.

Cocoa Powder

Turn your coffee into Mocha by adding unsweetened cocoa powder. It may not be as sweet as sugar, but it is a good alternative if you are trying to cut out sugar in your diet.

Cocoa also provides antioxidants and it will complement the toasted nuttiness of a dark roast. You only need to add a spoonful or two and you’ll instantly have a cup of sugar-free and choco coffee.


Although cinnamon is usually used in pastries, desserts, cups of golden milk, and lattes, it can also work well with coffee. 

Cinnamon can give coffee an aromatic and bold flavour, plus it can boost your metabolism and reduce inflammation, however you have to buy the right kind of cinnamon to make the most out of it.

Add a dash of cinnamon or mix in a teaspoon with every quarter-cup of fresh coffee grounds before brewing.


These are an increasingly popular alternative to sugar and are paleo and vegan friendly. Dates have a rich sugary flavour that makes them great for bread and pastries, but before you put them in your coffee, you first have to make a paste.

To make date paste, you simply soak the dates in water for an hour and then combine the dates with a few tablespoons of water in a blender. In addition to the antioxidants you get with coffee, the date will also give you some extra fibre, magnesium, iron and calcium.


Adding butter to coffee has become a trend in recent years. Although it may sound crazy, butter can add volume and body to coffee coffee coffee, not to mention the positive effect it has on your metabolism and energy levels. 


Molasses can also be a good alternative to sugar, but should not be consumed in excess. 

Molasses contains -manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin B6, selenium, potassium, iron and calcium. It can help maintain healthy bones, maintain heart health and promote healthy blood pressure. 

Additionally, dark and blackstrap molasses contain more antioxidants when compared to refined sugar, honey, corn syrup, brown sugar, maple syrup and agave syrup.

Molasses is usually safe to use as an alternative to sugar but consumed in moderation.

Almond Milk

This is also another product popular to vegans but can be enjoyed by everyone. It contains more calcium and less dietary fat than your regular cow’s milk and has varieties such as honey-sweetened or vanilla almond milk.

This beverage can add even more flavour to coffee than regular milk would. There are also tons of low-sugar, dairy-free milk options you can try if you are not a fan of almond milk.

Raw sugar vs. refined sugar

Raw sugar isn't even really raw. It's just slightly less refined, so it retains some of the molasses. But there's no real health real benefit from it. There's no more nutritional value in raw sugar than there is in white sugar or brown sugar. - Cited from MV Organizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put vanilla extract in my coffee?

You can add a few drops of pure vanilla extract if you want to sweeten coffee coffee coffee without the use of refined sugar and processed creamers. Vanilla extract may not be as sweet as sugar, but it will provide a comforting aroma and elegant taste.

What is the best sweetener to use for weight loss?

Stevia is probably the best sweetener you can use for weight loss. This is because it contains zero calories and zero carbs, but can still help you curb hunger.

Although it is so much sweeter than sugar, it will not rapidly spike your blood sugar, which makes it popular among people with diabetes or poor blood sugar control.


There are many healthy ways you can sweeten coffee, you can either use healthy sugar alternatives, try choosing another coffee variety and roast or try different brewing methods.

Coffee itself provides antioxidants and many other health benefits. However, these positive health benefits amount to nothing, if you are adding a huge quantity of sugar to every cup. 

The use of healthy sugar alternatives can help you break your habit, while still making your coffee sweeter.

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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