How To Fold Chemex Filter

by Matthew Robertson October 05, 2021

How To Fold Chemex Filter - Down The Range Coffee

Learning how to fold a Chemex filter will ensure that you get the best out of your coffee maker.

A properly folded filter will allow the caffeine and coffee oils to pass through, resulting in a clean-tasting coffee, thus it is important that you learn the proper folding techniques.

How coffee filters work

A coffee filter separates the liquid from the grounds after the hot water has dissolved and absorbed the taste color and aroma of the best ground coffee beans. This filter is usually made of disposable paper that is thin and porous enough to allow liquid to pass through while retaining the coffee ground and other particles that you don’t want to drink.

Chemex Filters

Filters for Chemex coffee makers have up to 30 percent more weight than filters from other brands, this allows them to remove the finest particles. These filters have the ability to produce cleaner and more neutral top-notch coffee because they are thicker, unbleached, and have a higher quality when compared to regular filters.

Types of Chemex Filters

  • Pre-folded Circles
  • Pre-folded Squares
  • Unfolded Half Moon
  • Unfolded Circles
  • Square Filter

Traditional Folding Technique

  1. Use a Chemex Unfolded Circle Filter and fold it in half. 
  2. Next is to fold it again in half to bring the two corners together.
  3. Place your finger between the third and fourth layer so you could open it into a funnel
  4. Place the funnel into your Chemex coffee maker with the three layers on the pouring spout or groove side.

Doing this last step will prevent the vent or groove from clogging and also facilitates filtration.

Half Moon Filter Folding Technique

  1. Use a Chemex Half Moon filter and put it on a flat surface wherein the small tab is pointing to the left.
  2. Fold the filter in half, from the top part towards yourself.
  3. Then fold the small tab towards the right.
  4. Next is to fold the top edge down towards the vertical edge to create the pocket in which you can put the ground coffee in.
  5. Open this pocket into a funnel and place it in your Chemex coffee maker in such a way that the three layers are on the groove side or pouring spout.

Flower Folding Technique

  • Use a Chemex Square Paper Filter and fold it into quarters.
  • Find the corner with the most folds as this would become the bottom of the filter through which the coffee will drip.
  • To make a reference for the next two folds, imagine a straight line that runs from this corner to the opposite one.
  • Lift one side, place the edge along the imaginary line and fold.
  • Turn the filter paper over and repeat the last fold, creating a kite shape wherein the fold is on one face and the equivalent fold on the opposite face.
  • Completely unfold the filter.
  • You should see that one of the four original crease lines from step 1 is folded into the opposite way around the other tree. This should be corrected so that all four folds are the same.
  • Fold your filter in two to be able to reverse the fold.
  • Place the filter in your Chemex coffeemaker to take shape. Fold back all the recesses, to prevent the coffee and water from slipping through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coffee is best for Chemex?

Any type of coffee works well with Chemex. Light, medium, dark roast, and even tea!

Although a lot of coffee aficionados prefer nutty, floral, and fruity flavors because they come out nicely with Chemex, this still will depend on your personal preference and techniques.

What grind should you use for Chemex?

The ideal Chemex grind size is a medium-coarse grind, which should be as coarse as that of sea salt.  Using this grind size will provide you the best flow rate and extraction.

Do you have to rinse a Chemex Filter?

Rinsing your Chemex filter is not required, however, a lot of coffee lovers prefer rinsing their coffee filter to remove paper odours, dust, and taste from the paper, resulting in a much better coffee brew. This is also a way to warm up the coffee maker so that the brew will not lose much temperature.

To rinse a coffee filter, place it in the coffee maker and pour hot water through it to saturate the entire surface. Once the water has drained, dump the water out and begin your coffee brewing process.

Another way to rinse your coffee filter is to dip it upside down into a bowl of hot water to prevent the dust and fibers from settling at the bottom of the cone.

How often should I clean my Chemex coffee maker?

You should clean a Chemex coffee maker after each use to avoid bacteria build-up. Use soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush with a long handle and gently scrub the internal walls and corners. Rinse thoroughly to avoid any soapy flavor in your next brew.

Other ways to clean your Chemex coffee maker is to boil water and pour it into the coffee maker, swirl the hot water around and then dump it. Although this will not sanitize your Chemex carafe, it can still flush out the old coffee which prevents the next brew from being altered.

You can also use white vinegar by pouring about 2 ounces more than your average amount of coffee into the Chemex coffee maker and let it soak for 30 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with soap and water. Dry it upside down overnight, with the lip resting on an ensure that the vinegar's taste and smell is expelled.

Most Chemex coffee makers are dishwasher-safe but keep in mind that it is a delicate vessel, so this method is really not advisable.

If you do prefer to wash your Chemex in the dishwasher, make sure to remove the collar and tie before loading it.


Learning how to fold a Chemex coffee filter will allow you to get the most out of your Chemex coffee maker and brew a perfect cup of coffee.

We’ve listed a few methods on how you can fold a Chemex Circle filter, Half Moon filter, and Square filter so you can brew your coffee skillfully.

Chemex coffee filters have the ability to separate impurities, bitter elements, and oils to give you a clean and full coffee flavor. Thus, it is critical that you follow the proper folding techniques and the right ratio of coffee grounds and water for a clean and rich-tasting coffee.

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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