Coffee Bags Individually Wrapped Delivering Fresh Coffee In 3 Minutes

by Matthew Robertson July 06, 2021

Coffee Bags Individually Wrapped Delivering Fresh Coffee In 3 Minutes - Down The Range Coffee

When you open one of our coffee bags, it will smell like it has just left the grinder. We ensure the freshness of the Coffee by individually wrapping each bag inside a sealed foil container.

This preserves the coffee by preventing oxidation which can make coffee go bad. The extra benefits of having individually foil-wrapped bags make this perfect for explorers, hikers and campers as they remain waterproof whatever the conditions may be.

Why should you be using coffee bags?

The ground coffee is packaged in bags that have the exact amount of ground coffee needed to make one single mug, which you can easily unwrap, drop into your favourite mug, and then add water before drinking.

No special coffee brewing equipment required

Completely removes the need for any special brewing device to filter the coffee grounds as they’re contained within the bag. After you’re done steeping, for around 3 minutes, you can just toss the bag away.

Best coffee for campers, hikers, and world explorers

Off the beaten track, camping in the highlands, or hiking the Welsh Three Peaks, caffeine is used by many adventurer types to increase stamina.

Down The Range One Use Coffee Bags delivers the caffeine when needed in small individual and extremely lightweight bags, while still delivering great tasting coffee.

Taking up almost no space whatsoever these are a must-have item for all outdoor expeditions.

Hospitality events, hotels, and B&B's

The Perfect option for catering, hotels, and B&B's. They come in various quantities and are ideal for serving up fresh coffee. Down The Range Coffee sells online in the UK catering boxes of up to 300 individually wrapped coffee bags, for larger orders please contact us directly.

Don't take our word for it. hear what our customers are saying…

We take our coffee seriously and want all our customers to be satisfied. We’re proud and honoured to have received many positive comments!

“coffee tastes great and I can enjoy it without the faff of coffee grinds going everywhere!“
-- David R
“These bags are mega tasty but don't compromise on great tasting coffee“
-- Matt C
“Outstanding for when you need that caffeine burst! Spot on from #DTRC“
-- Phill Y

How to brew using a coffee "tea bag"?

A coffee bag is very similar to a tea bag. Simply add the coffee bag to your mug and pour over hot water and allow it to brew for around 3 minutes.

Think of it as making your own mini percolated coffee, but instead of using coffee grinds that will be difficult to clean away, they are locked in your coffee bag. There are 10 grams of coffee in each coffee bag, so you can get a strong flavoured brew up to a full 350ml mug.

Where does the coffee inside the coffee bags come from?

Our Colombia's finest coffee is from the growing area in the south of Colombia, world-famous for its flavour. Colombia is one of the world’s largest coffee producers and is known for its production of high-end Arabica coffee.

Packed with sweet, fruity, and nutty tones​ that follow a fruity and floral aroma, the brew of our Colombian sourced coffee is composed of a rich, full body with a smooth finish.

How are coffee bags different from other types of coffee?

Down The Range Coffee Bags are used with Columbian's finest ground coffee. Since the coffee is ground, you don't have to measure the grounds for a perfect brew. A great way to stay caffeinated while on the move.

When using coffee bags to make a cup of real coffee the advantages are clear. You only have to add fresh hot water and a coffee bag to make a great cup of coffee. The bags are very durable and are ideal for transporting fresh coffee.

In the UK, we consume around 95 million cups of coffee each day. In fact, it is believed that the most popular beverage globally is coffee. As a result, the drinks market has been looking for a way to make our morning cup of coffee a bit easier.

A coffee bag is simply a bag full of ground coffee beans. The biggest advantage of coffee bags is that they are the next level up for convenience, especially when out and about. Having great tasting fresh coffee with the ease of making instant coffee truly is outstanding.

Do coffee bags go bad?

Each Down The Range Coffee Bag is tightly sealed inside a foil sachet which protects the ground coffee inside from oxidation and with an extended shelf life and ensuring each bag is waterproofed. It is safe to consume within 5 to 8 months after purchase.

Are coffee tea bags the same as instant coffee?

No. Instant coffee is pre-brewed coffee which goes through a freeze-drying process, where the liquid is forced from the frozen coffee through chemical sublimation creating an adverse effect on the flavour and caffeine-content in the reconstituted coffee (citation).

Our “coffee tea bags” contain real ground coffee using Colombia’s Finest beans that have not been brewed. The best of both worlds, the quality of fresh coffee with the convenience of instant.

How much coffee is in a coffee bag?

Each bag is sealed in with 10g of Columbia's Finest Coffee ground. Allowing for a good, strong, and smooth-tasting mug of coffee.

Where to Buy Coffee Bags?

You can buy great-tasting single-use Coffee Bags with Columbia's Finest Beans here at Down The Range Coffee.

Are Coffee Bags Recyclable?

The inner bag holding the ground coffee is biodegradable.

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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