Here we go....

by Matthew Robertson November 13, 2020

Here we go.... - Down The Range Coffee

Well how has the first day gone with the new website? We can truly say we are over the moon and in full appreciation of all of our customers!!

We were probably slightly crazy starting a new business with Lockdown 1 looming...but we thrive under pressure so we decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and Down The Range Coffee Co was born. As predicted, business was slow during the pandemic but quitting wasn't an option and we soldiered on (again no pun intended). We knew there was a market for our products so we continued to grow the business and product range! We can honestly say we made the right decision!

We've switched the website platform from WordPress to Shopify. Some sound advice given from a good friend of mine, Dave McNeil and his colleague George. Without their experience, direction on google and knowledge of how to use the platform more efficiency we wouldn't be where we are now. 

Our company is all about keeping you, the customer supplied with coffee, coffee you are happy with. Our incomparable coffee continues to be a great seller. We have some fantastic ideas up our sleeves. Camping, phys monsters or just general use, we have a blend that's right for you! Customer satisfaction is a must and our number one priority.

Follow our blog, keep up to date with our future blends and ideas and we might even start throwing in some brewing tips!!

Sit back, enjoy and get the kettle on!

Matt & Victoria.

Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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